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The basic philosophy of our winery is reflected in the production of high quality wines, in a specific, recognizable style

Art of Creation


Meet Miroslav

Za sam kvalitet i razvoj zadužen je upravo Miroslav. Svoje znanje je dobio prvenstveno iz porodice, kako je on već treća generacija vinara. Bogato iskustvo se gradilo razmenom, probanjem, osluškivanjem. Njegova pasija prema određenim sortama grožđa je promenila i razvila naše tržište u jednom posebnom pravcu.

The market has changed, for example, the younger audience has begun to appreciate quality and new advancement, which is a very interesting story for us. It is a great challenge for the same young audience to approach traditional tastes in an original way, and I think that is a great potential.

Miroslav Kovačević



The biggest Miroslav's passions are, besides autochthonous varieties, Orange and Amphora, wines that are made using a specific method. The wine making method is traditional and over 2000 years old, when the wine was kept in Amphora. Though perhaps unknown to our market, its skills will make a big step forward in our market.

Meet our technologists


This is where the story begins

About the vineyard

Who wants to know the wine has to start from the vineyard. Nature is a gift to people. Complexity of wine can be compared with the complexity of nature. Perfect, simple and inexplicable. Terroir himself is important. To meet him, it means being on earth, listening to changes, seeing natural laws. Climate as an essential part of the grape character gives us perfect conditions where different species grow and from which many varieties come from. The most important education and transfer of knowledge is the kind of tradition of our region, which has always been a wine region. Earlier monasteries guarded and transferred knowledge, as well as fathers to their children. Exchanging experiences is the most important factor in any development.


Our breeders


The family is the most important factor of tradition. Wine culture itself evolved on family values. The Kovačević family has been transmitting tradition for four generations. Miroslav conveys his knowledge and experience to his children. But every employee in Irig and the wider is a part of a large family.

All cooperators are already generations in Fruška Gora, where their primary interest is viticulture. Communion and exchange and education are the basis of the Fruška Gora region and Irig as a center of wine culture where there is a large cooperative CELLAR 1930, now owned by Miroslav Kovačević, where we together promote wine culture and spread wine roads.