Fruška gora


The north side of Fruška Gora is facing the Danube, and the south slopes down the ravine, where vineyards owned by the Kovačević Winery are located at an altitude of 230m with the annual average temperature of 11 ° C.

In these vineyards premium varieties are grown: Chardonnay and Italian Riesling, Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Cabernet, Merlot, from which the wine is already recognizable quality, with pronounced varietal character of grapes from which they are produced.

Varieties of grapes

Riesling is considered among the connoisseurs to be the sort that best shows the characteristics of the climate in which it is cultivated. The most suitable terrains are on sandy gardens and shale. The delicate nature of Riesling requires a special treatment of grapes during harvest, in order to avoid crushing berries or splitting the ligament. Most of the Riesling is consumed while the wines are young, fresh, expressed herbal, as well as aroma of flowers and white fruits. However, the high acid content, otherwise characteristic of the Riesling, as well as the character of the primary aromatic substances, gives the opportunity for more serious aging, or the maturation of the Riesling.


Identified as one of the five of Bordeaux grape varieties, and genetically associated with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc. Depending on the Merlot clone, the size of the berries also varies, but it is characterized by a thin germ and increased sensitivity to external influences, relative to Bordeaux relatives. The color of the wine depends directly on the style, but also on the climate, and you will find white, pink, but also very colored merloids, almost "black". Wines produced from Merlot are often soft, subtle, with dominant fruit flavors - plums, blackberries, ripe cherries ...


Cabernet Sauvignon was created by the spontaneous (natural) crossing of the Cabernet and Sauvignon White, in the early seventeenth century. From the Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are produced intensively colored, dark wines, concentrated aromas of a wide spectrum - while young wines are the notes of black berries. Tannin structure implies long maturation in wooden courts, but because of the variety of styles, as well as potential herbal aromas in wines from the cooler regions, some wines with less oak effect. Cabernet is a variety characterized by a longer ripening season, significantly longer compared to merloom and Cabernet Franc.

Pino Noir

This variety has a very long history, and it was grown in the 14th century in Burgundy. Pino noir is not easy to grow, it is very sensitive, because many factors significantly influence its development, and in particular are dangerous spring frosts, summer rain and heat, as well as cold autumn. When young, the wine pine nore has fruit aromas, especially cherries, plums, raspberries and strawberries. Aging is changing and gaining complexity, so the aroma of chocolate, fig, truffle, violet, unusual smell of game and smoke can often be felt in those who have long aged. This variety is very popular and is grown all over the world, and is especially important in the production of champagne. Pino noir is a very elegant and drinkable wine.


Probably one of the most popular and widespread white varieties, whose wines are among the most consumed in the world; It is worshiped by hundreds of thousands of wine lovers around the world. In a very long French tradition of wine production, chardonnay has been on the top of a hierarchical scale of white wines for centuries. Known as the variety that can be easily adapted, Chardonnay is found in the vineyards around the world and is currently the most widespread varieties in the world. Aromas of chardonnay wine is very complex and diverse - it is difficult to characterize it, and it is very easy to recognize it.


Sauvignon Blan is one of the oldest known grape varieties in the world. The popularity of sovereigns in the world is on a steady pace, so at the global level, by its presence, it is increasingly approaching an undisputed chardonnay and even seriously threatens to endanger it. The variety is characterized by a high flow of chickens, and the grapes mature relatively early in the 2nd epoch (already at the end of summer or early autumn). The moment of harvest is crucial for the aromatic potential of wine and the content of total acids, which are the basic preconditions for creating a future style of wine.

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