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Opening wine roads of Fruška gora and developing wine tourism, in September 2010, near Irig, a wine house was opened


We aim to present all the richness of this climate in terms of food, products, tradition, character, through a creative overview of local foods. Searching for new techniques and processes, as well as work on improving existing, playing and combining results in a completely new experience. Higher criteria and expectations always lead us to experiment with the goal of creating something new.

When you know the manufacturer, you are able to transfer his attention, energy, and affection to the food through the plate to the final consumer ... The natural wealth of Fruška Gora allows us to do so.

From the proximity of the Danube and fresh river specialties, through hunting and game specialties, and from the nature itself, which in the season of the year except for grapes, offers nettles, sremush, walnut, truffles, porcini ... and much more from which our traditional meals are combined with with a certain character of wine.

Our wine


Our wine list presents you with all the dimensions of the wine Kovačević Winery. In it you will recognize wines that speak: about our climate and our family vineyards in Irig (Rajnsky Riesling, Sauvignon), about the character of certain grape varieties, represented in the original style (Chardonnay, Rosetto), about our philosophy of barricading and aging wine (Chardonnay Barrique , Aurelius), about our constant search for new fragrances and flavors (Cuvée Piquant), about special wine challenges (Penousva vino Kovačević) and our fruška gora wine tradition (Bermet).

You can try all the wine on a glass, but also within the special tastings of harvests.

Morning on Fruška Gora

Enjoy the comfort and comfort of our apartments with a view of the beautiful Fruška Gora.

We have three double, luxuriously equipped apartments in order to provide you with a complete atmosphere while staying at the Wine house Kovačević. Come relax in a quiet setting and spend beautiful moments.