Our History

The Old World-Wine Region

10 million years ago Fruška Gora was an island in the Pannonian Sea. Only 600,000 years ago the sea had retreated and the mountain remained in a fertile plain.

600,000 years after the withdrawal of the sea, the earth itself has, until now, contains limestone clay, fossilized remains of shellfish, crustaceans and minerals.


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51-96 years - Roman Emperor Domitian prohibited the planting of grapes anywhere outside the borders, due to hyperproduction in Italy.

232-282 years - Marcus Aurelius Probus, a great Roman emperor, born in Srem, Sirmium, planted the first line on Fruška Gora, due to the karateristic climate he knew. According to history, he broke the forests and planted the vineyards again.

300 year - For 1700 years, people in Fruška Gora continue to work on winegrowing. It can be said that Marko Aurelius Probus has determined the future interests of many generations.


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15-18 century - Tradition and knowledge were transmitted to the largest cultural heritage monitors, Monasteries. During this period, more than 17 monasteries were built, which is why Fruška Gora is called the Serbian holy mountain.

18th century - Commercialization of the product. Maria Theresa recognized wines from Fruška Gora as well as Bermet, a preserved sweet dessert wine, where at all European courts, Wines from Fruška Gora were drunk.

19th century - All hotels and restaurants were obliged to have the entire offer in the wine list.


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Kovačević's family planted for the first time for 10 ha, during four generations, a specific style is developing that changes the Serbian scene.

1970 g.

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Miroslav Kovačević, the fourth generation of winemaker Kovačević, was born.

year 2000

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Miroslav Kovačević takes over 10 hectares of family heritage and begins to create new art in viticulture.

year 2003

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Kovačević Chardonnay is entering the market. The specificity of this Chardonnay is precisely that he highlighted the skill of the winemakers. One year later, other varieties characteristic of this region, Sauvignon, Riesling, come out ... And all the restaurants and cafes in their offer are obliged by Kovačević Chardonnay.

year 2008

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The construction of the Wine House Kovačević begins, a place of true hedonism, where food and wine evaporate. A place for true hedonists, where the true character of the wine is introduced.

year 2010

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Although Fruška gora is the site of white varieties of grapes, Miroslav Kovačević issues the first black wine Kovačević Aurelius, in honor of Marko Aurelius Probus, and begins to change the perception of this wine region from white varieties to red grape varieties with a quality certificate. In just few years he gets a world-famous AWC award for Aurelius R edition.

year 2013

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Due to the increase in demand, it was necessary to maintain the quality that is the basis of every development and buy the old CELLAR 1930. By investing in the next three years, it will train plants not only for white, but also for red wines. By expanding the capacity of the then old cooperative, now the production factory with barik halls has a capacity of 5 mil L.

year 2015

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Orphelin's is entering the market. In order to make excellent wine, the perfect quality is now available to everyone, CELLAR1930 returns its old glory and Irig becomes the center of the wine story on Fruška Gora.

year 2017

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Miroslav Kovačević receives the Blic Entrepreneur of the Year award, a prestigious award, which motivated many in Serbia and a large springboard for the further development path of the Kovačević Winery.