Working with the Association of Sommeliers

Sightseeing tour

Wine house Kovačević and Winery Kovačević have successful cooperation with associations of sommeliers. The goal of cooperation is primarily education on wines and the expansion of wine culture.
Namely, the future sommeliers together with the lecturers go to visit the production of Winery Kovačević, to better understand the process of wine production. The group is mainly run by our technologist or other professional person. After that, they come to Wine house Kovačević to taste our wines. Course participants present our wines to our lecturers, describing in detail the wine (color, clarity, structure, taste, tannin content, grape varieties of which the wine was produced and which tastes and also the best food match with the wines). After that, the lecturers examine the students, correct them in case they have wronged and explained in detail all about the wines and the food that is served with the wine.