Kovačević edition S 6 pieces

Type of wine dry red wine
Varieties Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol 14,5%


Vojvodina, Srem region, Fruska Gora vineyards.

Moderately continental with subcontinental subtleties.

Selection of grapes from the selected vineyards on Fruška Gora.

Deep-colored, ruby red. Multilayered, fleshy smell with strong fruit and spicy character: cherries in cherries, blueberries, blackberry jar, pencil box and roasted coffee. In the language of juicy, full, powerful tannins and solid structure. There is also a fine fruity freshness, which carries a powerful finish, dominated by aromas of ripe cherries and black fruit fruits, with cocoa and clove notes.

The premium quality of the wine comes to full expression if it is served at a temperature of about 17 ° C.

Luxurious red meat, noble scraps, old, cheesy cheeses …

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10,656.00 rsd

Price per bottle: 1.776,00 RSD

  • Unit for ordering is a transport package (1 transportno pakovanje = 3 ili 6 boca - pogledajte opis proizvoda)
  • The prices are with VAT and are valid at the time of ordering.
  • The ordered wines are paid in cash when wine is delivered in person.
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  • Delivery is done via courier service AKS Express, to the address you provided when ordering.
  • Delivery costs are borne by the purchaser of the wine.
  • Delivery of wine is possible only on the territory of Serbia.

We recommend

Veal from the wooden stove

4 kg of veal, 1kg potatoes, 4-5 large carrots, Salt, Grain Pepper , Smaller celery head, 1 leech, Garlic, Bay leaf, Paprika red, Thyme, Celery

Put the veal in the earthenware bowl. Then add the pepper to taste. Place the meat around with potatoes, carrots, celery, bay leaf, leek, garlic, paprika red and season with thyme.
Then pour 1 liter of water into the bowl.
Cover the bowl and place it in an oven at temperatures of 250 to 270 degrees. Bake two and a half hours.
With this specialty we propose our red wine Aurelius, in order to achieve the best harmony of taste.