Kovačević 6 pieces

Type of wine white dry wine
Varieties Sauvignon Blanc
Alcohol 13,5%


Vojvodina, Srem region, Fruska Gora vineyards.

Moderately continental with subcontinental subtleties.

Southern slopes of Fruska Gora; altitude 230-350 m; north-south exposure.

Aromatic wine, open yellow color with a green overflow of crystal clearness. The sort of scent is very developed and harmonized. With its complex noise, the smell just flourished calls. In the language of complex, moderate fullness, with a long finishing in which aromas of tropical and table fruits intertwine.

The fragrance and flavor range will best be felt if you drink it chilled at a temperature of 10-12 ° C.

Shells on buzzer, stuffed zucchini, grilled asparagus, goat cheese, trout …

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5,400.00 rsd

Price per bottle: 900,00 RSD

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