Wine tours

& experiences

  • Arrival of guests at the Kovačević Winery (Cellar 1930)
  • Visit the production process and present the capacity of the winemaker
  • Visits to the wine cellar Kovačević
  • Presentation of wines of winery Kovačević
  • Going to the wine house Kovačević
  • Wine Tastings (Food, Wine and Food Matching) by appointment
Guided tours and a story about the creation of wine and its climate

Our tours include paths, landscapes, culture and customs, wine and gastronomy. The experience of generations of winemakers in this area will bring you closer to philosophy and art in creating the character of a wine.

Through the largest production complex of wine cellar 1930, we will bring you closer to our philosophy of creating quality through the family tradition of the fourth generation of winemakers.

The nature itself and the surroundings are interesting and surprising as always, and at the same time a spiritual with about 17 monasteries in the area with a great history behind and one of the great wine culture creators who moved from from generation to generation.

By visiting the Kovačević Winery, we will draw you closer to the development path of our winery, Fruška Gora wine region, and we will show you the magic of our wine production. Come and enjoy together and take a good memory with you.


The Monastery of Novo Hopovo lies on a mild slope of the southern slopes of Fruška gora, not far from Irig. It is only a hundred meters away from the main road Ruma - Novi Sad, and is one of the most accessible Fruška Gora monasteries.

Monastery Novo Hopovo with the church of St. Nikola according to its architectural value is the most important sacred structure of his era in this region. The first written meaning of the monastery is from 1451. The present church was erected in 1575/76, and the belfry with a small chapel on the floor dedicated to St. Stefan, built in 1751/58. years. Monasteries' buildings were built gradually from 1728 to 1771, making the church surrounded by all four sides. Hopovskoe fresco painting is one of the most significant in the Balkan art field. Icons on the iconostasis were painted by the most important Serbian baroque painter Teodor Kračun.